About Us

Embarked out of the sheer passion for the profession and a deep desire to serve the public, Gowthama and Company sprouted out as a tiny sapling in the year 1992. This firm manifested all the potentials of blooming into a stalwart banyan tree in the field. The sole Stoutheart then, Mr.Gowthama H V had with him a wide expanse of knowledge on taxation and auditing, a strong and sturdy foundation of 20 years of experience in the field and above all had in him a soothing blend of spirituality and discipline, which induced an aura for himself. The journey became better and the wings gained more strength in the year 2008 with the addition of the partners to the firm.

Established in 1991-92, we quickly established ourselves as the finest connoisseur's of the practicing CA art. We still continue to be engaged in providing chartered accountant services, financial and consultancy services, auditing services, internal auditing services, statutory auditing services, payroll accounting, project finance, industrial licensing, income tax services, foreign collaborations services along with import export consultancy services. We also specialize at company law matters, service tax matters, sales tax and VAT matters.
We provide a comprehensive list services with a team who are well equipped with updated advanced techniques.

Partner Profile

H V Gowthama is the founding partner of Gowthama & Co. and heads taxation and advisory teams. He has an experience that spans 4 decades in the fields of taxation, audit and assurance, international taxation, RBI Regulations and business advisory matters. He is one of the senior-most Chartered Accountants in Bengaluru who is actively involved in the profession. He also regularly represents clients before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. He contributes articles to All India tax Magazines and also takes part in Professional Conferences, Business management schools etc. He has been a visiting faculty at the Indian Institute of Management.

-   H V Gowthama, FCA

Pundarikaksha is a senior partner at the Firm and leads the taxation team for corporate and non-corporate clients. A Chartered Accountant with a Master's Degree in commerce, he is specialized in the areas of auditing & assurance, international tax matters, due diligence and preparation of project reports. He possesses expertise in the taxation of health care and real estate sectors. He is involved in teaching students privately and also through charitable trusts.

-   Pundarikaksha, M.com, FCA

Harsha is a senior partner at the Firm and heads the auditing team for corporate clients. He is also a DISA qualified Chartered Accountant specializing in Information Systems Audit. His expertise is in the areas of audit of corporate including financial institutions, insurance companies & government companies, transfer pricing, business valuation, RBI Regulations and international taxation matters.

-   Harsha K M FCA, DISA (ICAI)

Prathyusha is a partner at the Firm and leads the corporate audit and taxation teams. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Law. She specializes in the areas of statutory audit of corporates, system audits, taxation, due diligence and internal audits.

-   Prathyusha Sameera G, LL.B, ACA

Nagendra is a partner at the Firm and leads the corporate & non-corporate audit and taxation teams. He specializes in the areas of corporate law, project reporting, domestic taxation and advisory services and non-corporate audits.

-   Nagendra, ACA, DISA (ICAI)

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